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“Hey, stop! Why did you decline sharing usage-data?” I asked a friend of mine while he was going through an online registration form for beta testing a new app. “I’m not giving them permission to use my data.” In fact, they were only asking to collect usage data to analyze how they can improve their app. They even expressed no Personally Identifiable Information will be collected. “They could misuse it one day,” he tried to justify his decision. “Ok, sure, go ahead!” I replied, and I think it was a mistake. …

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Let’s assume we’ve found one.

The one and treasured unicorn in the data science universe. That one with the perfect match of hard & soft skills, you need to convert data into cash finally—the Special One who could do all on his own. Starting from ideation of a data science use case with the right business impact, establishing a robust data pipeline producing quality ensured data features, providing the optimal model solving the problem, and ensuring performance monitoring for sustainability.

Leaving out the in-between tasks, like stakeholder management, presenting results, and roadmap design and keeping it even more simple, let’s…

Jaser B.K.

As a passionate AI product manager, product coach, and startup enthusiast, I share my thoughts hoping to reflect as I write — and maybe you can benefit too.

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